So We Built LeafOps



Why you need LeafOps in your Oklahoma dispensary: 

It works how you work

LeafOps can mold to your dispensary's workflows by offering several different ways to manage your dispensary. We offer everything from tax inclusive pricing, to multiple bud tenders per drawer, to auto applying discounts. Tell us your needs and we'll show you how LeafOps can handle it!

Smart Inventory Management you can rely on

Managing your OK dispensary from supplier transfers to POS has never been so seamless. LeafOps solves the 3 biggest pain-points with cannabis POS software:  Reliability, ease-of-use, and responsive customer support. Our customers can attest that LeafOps is the breath of fresh air the cannabis industry has so desperately needed.



Oklahoma Dispensary POS & Inventory Management Software Features


Check-in Your Patients and Make Sales with Ease

Whether it is a patient, caregiver, or a loyalty member, the LeafOps POS was designed with ease-of-use and compliancy in mind.


Multi-store Medical Support

Each store is connected with your other POS systems. Share patients and employees between stores while keeping orders, reports and other important data separate.


Granular Permissions

We know that no two employees are the same, and their permissions shouldn't be either. With LeafOps, each employee's access can grow as their trust grows with your Oklahoma dispensary.


More Features:

All of your data is stored on your own database that uses medical HIPAA compliant methods to secure and store your data, as required by Oklahoma law.

Medical-grade Security & Storage

Offer incentives to buy more product to your customers. This works for either weigh-on-sale, or pre-packaged MJ items. The more your patients buy, they more they can save, and the more revenue you will make!

Tiered Pricing

Don't want to deal with loose change? You can set all of your prices to include tax. LeafOps will help you intellegently price out your products by showing your the pre and post tax amounts.

Tax Inclusive Pricing

Our discounts engine supports just about any rule you can throw at it, and it just works. Automatic discounts, time-of-day, day-of-week, enter-at-register, target specific brands, suppliers, or products. Any discount rule you can dream up, LeafOps can handle.

Flexible Rule-Based Discounts

Dealing with banks and change can be a challenge and a time sink for dispensaries. Not only does it take more time to deal in change, it can cause more human error and discrepancies. LeafOps can help solve this by rounding all order totals to minimize the use of change in your store. Round up to the nearest nickel, dime, quarter, or dollar.

Rounding Order Totals


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