Reliable Retail Cannabis Software Catered For Maryland




Why LeafOps?

integrates with Maryland's traceability system, METRC

Spend less time in Metrc and more time running your dispensary. Transfers are automatically synced, adjustments reported, and sales are all logged to the state without any extra work.


It works how you work

Whether on a tablet, phone, or computer, your operation is always at your fingertips. From dispensary floor to back office reporting, our software will run your shop with ease.

Smart Inventory Management you can rely on

Managing your MD dispensary from transfers to POS has never been so seamless. LeafOps solves the 3 biggest pain-points with cannabis POS software:  Reliability, ease-of-use, and responsive customer support. 


MD Dispensary Point of Sale and Inventory Management Features


Transfer Inventory from METRC to your Stores with Ease

Spend less time in Metrc and more time running your dispensary. Sync your transfers, assign your packages to LeafOps products, and start making sales.


Easy Check-in for Customers and Make Sales

Whether it is a cash customer or a loyalty member, the LeafOps cash register was designed with ease-of-use and compliancy in mind. Sales are automatically reported to Metrc.


Multi-store support

Manage all your stores with ease. You can treat pricing, taxes, and purchase limits differently between them as well.


Granular Permissions

We know that no two employees are the same, and their permissions shouldn't be either. With LeafOps, each employee's access can grow as their trust grows with your dispensary.


More Features:

All of your data is stored on your own database that uses HIPPA compliant methods to secure and store your data.

Medical-grade Security & Storage

Offer incentives to buy more product to your customers.

Tiered Pricing

Don't want to deal with loose change? You can set all of your prices to include tax, and round totals up to the nearest dollar, quarter, dime, or nickel.

Tax Inclusive Pricing

Our discounts engine supports just about any rule you can throw at it, and it just works. Automatic discounts, time-of-day, day-of-week, enter-at-register, target specific brands, suppliers, or products.

Flexible Rule-Based Discounts

Incentivize your customers and members to spend more with a flexible loyalty discount system.

Loyalty Programs

No matter which state your in, LeafOps supports the ever-changing laws of purchase limits so you can rest assured that you're staying in compliance.

Purchase Limits

LeafOps gives you the ability to control how your bud tenders check IDs, be it upon checkin, before check-out, or both. Additionally, you can easly scan drivers licenses, or manually enter their birthdate.

ID Checks

We make switching to LeafOps a breeze using our Metrc active package import tool. Just CSV import your products, sync down your active packages, and map imported products to your Metrc packages, and your'e ready to sell on LeafOps!

Easy On-boarding


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