So We Built LeafOps



Why you need LeafOps in your Alaska dispensary:

integrates with ALASKA'S traceability state system, METRC

We remove the barriers of Metrc so that you can focus on running your dispensary. We will automatically sync all of your transfer packages, report your sales, adjustments, and splits to the Alaska government via Metrc, all without you lifting a finger.

It works how you work

LeafOps can mold to your dispensary's workflows by offering several different ways to manage your dispensary. We offer everything from tax inclusive pricing, to multiple bud tenders per drawer, to auto applying discounts. Tell us your needs and we'll show you how LeafOps can handle it!

Smart Inventory Management you can rely on

Managing your AK dispensary from supplier transfers to POS has never been so seamless. LeafOps solves the 3 biggest pain-points with cannabis POS software:  Reliability, ease-of-use, and responsive customer support. Our customers can attest that LeafOps is the breath of fresh air the cannabis industry has so desperately needed.



Alaska Dispensary POS & Inventory Management Software Features


Transfering inventory from Metrc is a piece of cake

Spend less time in Metrc and more time running your Alaska dispensary. Sync your supplier transfers, assign your packages to LeafOps products, and begin making sales. We keep track of your cost of goods and Metrc Package IDs all the way through to the sale.


Easy Check-in and Seamless Point Of Sale

Whether it is an anonymous cash customer or a loyalty member, medical or recreational, the LeafOps cash register was designed with ease-of-use and compliancy in mind. Sales are automatically reported to Metrc, saving you countless hours.


Multi-store support, Medical or Recreational

Manage all your Alaska med or rec stores with ease. You can treat pricing, taxes, and purchase limits differently between them as well.


Granular Permissions

We know that no two employees are the same, and their permissions shouldn't be either. With LeafOps, each employee's access can grow as their trust grows with your dispensary.


More Features that make managing your alaska dispensary a breeze:

All of your data is backed up nightly and encrypted via sha-256 encryption and stored using HIPAA compliant methods to ensure that even in a catastrophic event, your data will be safe and unharmed.

Medical-grade Security & Storage

All of your data lives on your own separate database. Your LeafOps platform runs in the cloud using micro-services, scaling up and down on demand to keep you up and running on 4/20.

Scalable and Reliable Architecture

You can setup your pricing such that the more your customers purchase, they more they save…and the more profits you make. It’s a win/win!

Tiered Pricing

Dealing with loose change can cause hassles with drawers being off, and bud tenders end up spending more time per customer counting change. With LeafOps you can prevent this entirely. Each order can be rounded up to the nearest nickel, dime, quarter, or dollar. It’s up to you.

Tax Inclusive Pricing

Discounts in LeafOps give you the most flexibility of any other system out there. All discounts can auto-apply at the register, manually enter at the register, or only be applied under the conditions you specify.

Flexible Rule-Based Discounts

Reward your customers to come back time after time with loyalty points and special discounts just for your best customers.

Loyalty Programs

LeafOps gives you the ability to control how your bud tenders check IDs, be it upon checkin, before check-out, or both. Additionally, you can easily scan drivers licenses, or manually enter a birthdate.

ID Checks

If you have active inventory in your dispensary, you can easily sync it all into LeafOps from Metrc in a few clicks and start making sales immediately. If you have CSV files of your customers, products, and past orders, we can help you import that too. We will be there for you during every step of the on-boarding process, and beyond.

Easy On-boarding


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